Fresh ~ Nutritious ~ Local

There’s nothing better than serving up a meal that is made from local, fresh produce! We harvest our produce daily so that you are getting the most nutrition from the produce that you are serving your family. The nutritional content of vegetables and fruit begins to diminish once they are harvested. The least amount of time between harvest and your table means that you are eating healthful and nutritious food. Buying from Morton’s Farm, where sustainable farming practices are in place, ensures that you are getting fresh and nutritious produce!

Nutrition in fruit and vegetables comes from the natural minerals and organisms in living soil. It’s important that soil health is managed well, and this is what we strive to do at Morton’s Farm. We use such practices as soil amendment with natural mulch, green manure, and natural fertilizers. We don’t use harmful herbicides to control weeds, which means that we work hard to manage our beds and sometimes they don’t look so perfect! We don’t use synthetic pesticides which will be harmful to beneficial bugs and organisms living in the soil and our surrounding environment. What this means for you? It means that you are getting wholesome nutritious fruits and vegetables! It means that you can rest assured that you and your family are getting the best food possible.

Our hens are free to roam and gather their nutrition from natural sources. Also, we feed them only organic grains and feed. Because we raise our hens this way you get the most delicious and nutritious eggs for you and your family.

Our blueberries are nourished by organic and natural fertilizers and mulches, and carefully handpicked daily. Since we pick our blueberries by hand we are ensuring that they are ripe when picked! And, since they are picked daily you and your family will enjoy their freshness for days, if they last that long!

A note from our customer, Joanne . . .
Just wanted to tell you how nice the greens were that we bought yesterday.?. The Romain was beautiful!  Perfect size.  The kale was amazing and not a spot on the perfect size leaves. And the spinach…  Oh my!  SO good!  Thank you so much for the extra!  You guys are the best!  We can see from your produce just how hard you work to make it all perfect!  We thank you ???!